Bosbury set
  • Dimension:
  • Material:FSC 100% Eucalyptus / Acacia wood
  • Weight:
  • Finishing:Oiled
  • Loading:
  • Price:Please contact
  • Description:One set including 1 table + 4 chairs. Elevate your outdoor ensemble with the Bosbury Dining Set, a hallmark of Vietnam outdoor furniture, renowned for blending aesthetic grace and practicality. This set, ideal for those who appreciate the versatility and natural beauty in their outdoor spaces, includes the robust Bosbury table accompanied by four chairs, offering customization to suit any preference. Clients can choose the Bosbury Foldable Chair for its compact design and ease of storage, perfect for intimate balconies or expansive patios. Alternatively, the Bosbury 5-Position Recliner Chair elevates comfort with its adjustable backrest, allowing for five different angles of recline, and comes complete with armrests for added luxury. Both options carry the signature horizontal slats and are constructed from 100% FSC certified Acacia or Eucalyptus wood, ensuring that every piece is not just visually appealing, but also environmentally conscious and durable. Designed to impress, the Bosbury Dining Set stands as a proud representation of Vietnam outdoor furniture, offering an outdoor dining solution that resonates with style, comfort, and sustainability. Ready to source this product from a trusted Vietnam outdoor furniture supplier with 29 years of experience? Reach out to us at or and embrace the essence of outdoor comfort today!
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