Art No. 72703
Bosbury 5 position recliner
  • Dimension:72 x 58 x 110cm
  • Material:FSC 100% Eucalyptus / Acacia wood
  • Weight:9.7 kgs
  • Finishing:Oiled
  • Loading:275pcs/1x20' ; 570pcs/1x40' ; 670/1x40'HC
  • Price:Please contact
  • Description:Enhance your outdoor selection with the Bosbury 5-Position Recliner, an exquisite addition from our Vietnam outdoor furniture line. Designed with dimensions of 72 cm in length, 58 cm in width, and 110 cm in height, this chair promises not just seating, but an adaptable oasis of comfort. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the recliner features a tall, slatted backrest and a generous seat, both of which can be adorned with optional cushions for an extra touch of comfort. The smooth armrests extend from the back, curving down to offer a natural resting place for arms, contributing to the chair's ergonomic design. With five adjustable positions, this recliner caters to a variety of leisure activities, from reading a favorite book to reclining under the stars. Its durable construction of 100% FSC certified Acacia or Eucalyptus wood ensures a sustainable choice that withstands the test of time and the elements. The Bosbury 5-Position Recliner not only provides a versatile seating solution but also folds neatly, making it as practical for space-saving as it is for indulgent lounging. It's a chair that represents the pinnacle of Vietnam patio furniture—stylish, comfortable, and conscientiously made. Ready to source this product from a trusted Vietnam outdoor furniture supplier with 29 years of experience? Reach out to us at or and embrace the essence of outdoor comfort today!
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