Queen Victoria set
  • Dimension:
  • Material:FSC 100% Eucalyptus / Acacia wood
  • Weight:
  • Finishing:Oiled
  • Loading:
  • Price:Please contact
  • Description:Embrace the grandeur of classic European design with the Queen Victoria Garden Dining Set, an exquisite collection for those who appreciate timeless elegance in their outdoor furniture. This set features the Queen Victoria Round Table, previously described, paired with four stately Queen Victoria Armchairs, each piece a reflection of the noble aesthetic of a bygone era. The Queen Victoria Garden Wooden Armchair is a triumph of design, boasting a robust frame of 100% FSC-certified Acacia or Eucalyptus wood, known for its durability and environmental sustainability. The chair's backrest presents a majestic display of crafted slats, arranged to form a radiant motif at the center, a nod to the classic artistry of traditional European furniture. Each armrest curves gracefully, offering a regal silhouette that complements the table's rounded form. Standing firm on elegantly turned legs, the chair invites one to sit and enjoy moments of leisure and conversation. The possibility to add a cushion means comfort is never compromised, allowing these chairs to host guests in both style and ease. Together with the table, this set transforms any garden or patio into a space of sophistication and charm, fit for royalty. The Queen Victoria Garden Set is not just a choice in outdoor furniture; it's a statement of refinement and a testament to the skilled craftsmanship that Dai Phuc Hung Thinh Furniture has offered for over two decades. Ready to source this product from a trusted Vietnam outdoor furniture supplier with 29 years of experience? Reach out to us at daiphuchungthinh@daiphuchungthinh.com.vn or sales@daiphuchungthinh.com.vn and embrace the essence of outdoor comfort today!
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