Art No. 74403
Oldham ext. oval table 220-160x110cm, 75h
  • Dimension:220 x 110 x 75cm
  • Material:FSC 100% Eucalyptus / Acacia wood
  • Weight:30.0 kgs
  • Finishing:Oiled
  • Loading:200pcs/1x20' ; 410pcs/1x40' ; 480pcs/1x40'HC
  • Price:Please contact
  • Description:Embrace the Oldham Extendable Oval Table, an embodiment of practical elegance from Dai Phuc Hung Thinh Furniture’s collection of garden essentials. This exquisite piece is a seamless addition to any outdoor space, sculpted from the finest 100% FSC-certified Acacia or Eucalyptus wood. Standing at a standard height of 75cm with a generous width of 110cm, the Oldham table’s most remarkable feature is its extendable length, gracefully transforming from a compact 160cm to a more expansive 220cm, making it an ideal fit for gatherings of all sizes. The Oldham garden extendable table is robust enough to stand the test of time yet designed with the elegance and functionality suitable for any garden or patio setting. Whether you're hosting a cozy family brunch or an elaborate outdoor feast, this extendable outdoor table offers the flexibility and space you need without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your garden furniture. Ready to source this product from a trusted Vietnam outdoor furniture supplier with 29 years of experience? Reach out to us at or and embrace the essence of outdoor comfort today!
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